Our People

During 2017, our staff has been boosted by additional technical professionals, operators and administrative staff. With 5% turnover rate, we are proud to find the family of
Bavely getting bigger without missing its members.
What we find amazing, is the cosmopolitan character of the
company, different cultures and nationalities which gives us a plus with more sharing and tolerance. We spent hard moments, especially in this phase of change; however, the ultimate objective is achieving our customers’ high expectations by giving the necessary care with the focus
on quality. It is not only a management engagement toward quality, it is
our DNA

Our Achievements

As sectors’ managers, in addition to the regularly pest control activities, we find a great pleasure in going along with our customers in their achievements in their different audits. Thanks to our customers, we made improvements in term of Knowledge and awareness about the different requirements such as Yum!, McDonalds, BRC and GMP. We believe that those requirements are the main development of the pest control field. When you focus more about the safety of your product and the people engaged in the process of preparation until the consumption by customer, this makes our mission in Pest Control more valuable and interesting, and that what all Bavely Team is committed to. We are all engaged in providing a better safe world to our customers, our families and the community.

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