About Us

Our Vision

Be the first and best pest control company in Egypt to provide sustainable pest control services with a specific care on the customer interest and the community safety as well.

Our Mission

  • Deliver high quality pest control services within an integrated pest control management system in the safest way.
  • Our task is to comply with your requirements.
  • Our added value is to protect your business from unwanted guests in a sustainable manner.

A story of passion

Behind 17 years of services, there was a strong passion to this profession. A passion toward these invisibles creatures’ life cycles, development and their impact on humans’ lives.
It is a story of cumulated experience, since the age of 14 years old, Emad Sobhy (Bavely pco owner) started his career as a pest control technician during his summer holidays to fix then a clear goal: being a professional pest control engineer.
The dream grows up and his ambition goes deeper on the field, thinking about implementing better pest control solutions aligning with the international trends, to cut with all traditional ways of pest control dominating the local market.
Bavely pco come to life to serve this ambition, the company was built on building a long-term partnership with customers, Bavely pco is your partner in success
The journey of Bavely pco started on 2000, a journey characterized by a strong attachment to continual improvement, and an endless engagement to quality, whatever your business is, think to grow it and keep “pest fighting” to us.
Today, more than building a long term partnership with our customers, our goal is to build safe and strong relationships with the community (Business, people, society, and environment), our mission is to build a better safe world for you.”

We do  cover the requirements of

  • GMP
  • Yum!
  • McDonalds
  • FDA

Quality Engagement

We believe that quality is not just a set of requirements and to-do tasks; it is a question of culture and way of life.

In Bavely pco, we have developed our own integrated quality management system, and we are engaged in a continual learning process on quality standards and clients’ requirements and guidelines.

We are certified ISO 9001:2005 and ISO 45001:2018

We do cover several client requirements such as : Yum!, McDonalds, BRC, AIB, FSSC and ISO 22001.

All used pesticides are registered, authorized, labeled and provided with MSDS and are in full compliance with local and international standards.

We’re serious about our business

Our main mission is to deliver healthy, comfortable, superior and clean environments that provide peace of mind and comfort while creating extraordinary relationships with our lovely clients
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